AMI child restraint replacement programme

Making an AMI insurance claim?

SeatSmart has partnered with AMI and retailer Baby on the Move, to replace and recycle child car seats that have been damaged in accidents.

Following a review of its child restraint claims process, AMI is now giving greater protection to customers whose vehicles are stolen and unrecovered or involved in accidents.

There may not be any obvious signs of damage to the seat following an accident but it may be unsafe to use.  Continued use of a seat that has been in an accident could put a child at risk.

How does the AMI programme work?

Your AMI insurer will assess your car seat following established guidelines (see AMI criteria as an example).

If it is decided that the seat needs to be replaced, a referral will be sent to AMI’s preferred supplier for child car seats, Baby on the Move, and SeatSmart to arrange the replacement and recovery/recycling of the damaged seat.

SeatSmart will contact you to make arrangements for your damaged seat to be returned and Baby on the Move will contact you to make arrangements for your replacement seat.

Our recycling service is free of charge under the AMI programme.

How do I return my seat?

Your damaged seat can be returned in a variety of ways:

1. Baby on the Move store – preferred option

Return the seat to Baby on the Move when you pick up your replacement seat – this is the preferred option.  You can still return your damaged seat to Baby on the Move even if you don’t use them for your replacement.  There are 14 stores around the country.

2. AMI partner site

Return your seat to one of our AMI partner sites in Whangarei, Rotorua, Palmerston North – contact us for the address

3. Free courier service

If you can’t return your seat to one of the drop off points, then Baby on the Move or SeatSmart can arrange a free return courier – contact us for details

Please note:

  • There is no charge for any of these return options if we have received a referral from AMI for the recovery of your seat.
  • Please do not return your seat to a site not listed above as you will be charged a recycling fee and the seat will not be recorded as returned for insurance purposes.

Wanting to recycle a seat that isn’t part of an AMI company insurance claim? Find out more.

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