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Council backing for child car seat recycling in Hamilton standard

The Hamilton City Council has given child car seat recycling a boost with a subsidy which aims to extend access to the programme in the city. The council has partnered with the SeatSmart child car seat recycling programme and will offer a subsidy of $15 a seat for up to 300 seats a year from its waste reduction fund. This means the cost to residents will be $10 per seat. The programme also aims to add at least one new collection site in the coming months. The city’s original collection site, Baby on the Move Hamilton, was one of the first in the country, having taken part in the programme’s 2-year project, trialing collection and dismantling of seats. Hamilton City ...

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Strong demand drives changes to SeatSmart programme standard

The SeatSmart programme is growing and changing, with social enterprises set to benefit from work dismantling the ever-increasing volume of child car seats being brought in for recycling around the country. SeatSmart has grown rapidly, having gone from a handful of collection sites when it started in April 2016 to 33 sites in 9 regions in just over two years. However, the increased volume, and complexity of the seats, has meant programme managers 3R Group have had to review the dismantling process. In line with 3R’s ethos of maximising the environmental and social impact of recycling programmes, the decision has been made to use social enterprises for the dismantling work. The programme has been using the Department of Corrections Community ...

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Child car seat recycling comes to Dunedin standard

Dunedin has joined an ever-growing list of cities and towns where people can not only recycle things like glass, paper and plastic, but child car seats too. The Dunedin City Council and Baby On The Move Dunedin have joined the SeatSmart child car seat recycling programme. They are now providing residents with drop off points to take their expired, damaged or unwanted child car seats to for recycling, instead of sending them to landfill. At least 40,000 seats reach their expiry date each year in New Zealand, with most sent to landfill, despite around 90 per cent of a typical seat being recyclable, says SeatSmart programme manager Toni Bye. Dunedin City Council is now the fifth South Island council – ...

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SeatSmart expands into Timaru standard

The Timaru District Council is among those in Canterbury leading the way with innovative child car seat recycling as four sites become available in the district for people to responsibly dispose of their unwanted seats. SeatSmart has partnered with the Timaru District Council as well as Waimakariri and Hurunui district councils to introduce 11 new drop-off sites in Canterbury. This sees the total number of sites around New Zealand grow to 32 in eight regions. The 11 new sites, added to the two currently in Christchurch and one in Rolleston, make Canterbury the region with the most SeatSmart collection sites in New Zealand. In the Timaru district, seats can be dropped off at the Redruth Resource Recovery Park in Timaru ...

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Child car seat recycling set to benefit Upper Hutt Playcentre standard

People recycling their expired or damaged child car seats will not only help the environment but an Upper Hutt Playcentre too, with $5 set to be donated for every seat brought in for recycling. The SeatSmart child car seat recycling programme has been active in the Greater Wellington area since April last year, with the Wallaceville Playcentre as one of the seven drop off points. It is currently the only early learning centre acting as a drop off point for the programme. Seatsmart programme manager Toni Bye says they want to show their appreciation to the volunteer-run Playcentre and encourage recycling in the area by donating $5 per seat for the first 40 seats dropped off in 2018. Wallaceville Playcentre ...

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SeatSmart expands into Palmerston North standard

The SeatSmart child car seat recycling programme keeps expanding and we are really pleased to kick 2018 off with a new collection site in the North Island. The programme, which is currently operating in eight regions around New Zealand, will be available at the Ferguson Street Recycling Centre in Palmerston North from Saturday 13th January. This makes it the 21st site in New Zealand, after the Palmerston North City Council partnered with SeatSmart. Councillor Rachel Bowen, whose portfolio includes children and families, says she is delighted with the partnership. “Child car seats save lives every day, but can generate an excessive amount of waste when no smart disposal channels are made available. With SeatSmart we’re able to provide our residents an ...

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New life for Greater Wellington child car seats standard

We are really excited to see that just over seven months after launching in the Greater Wellington region SeatSmart is making a difference. The programme seems to have struck a chord with residents, with more than 300 seats collected and sent for recycling since it launched there in April. Like seats from other regions these are sent to the Department of Corrections for offenders in the community work programmes to dismantle. “It’s a terrific indoor project for our community work team when the Wellington weather prevents us from working outdoors,” says Jayne Stevens, Service Manager at Wellington Community Corrections. “Offenders are amazed at how much of a child car seat can be recycled. They’re enjoying working as a team, gaining ...

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Whanganui gets SeatSmart child car seat recycling standard

A new recycling service for child car restraints has launched in Whanganui with the aim of protecting children and the environment. Whanganui District Council and the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre are partnering with SeatSmart to offer a subsidised recycling programme for expired or damaged car seats. A minimum of 40,000 child car restraints reach their expiry date each year in New Zealand.  Most end up in a landfill, despite around 90 percent of a typical seat being recyclable. “Many people aren’t aware that car seats have a limited life span of six to ten years,” says Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre manager Ramari Te Uamairangi. “There are many factors that can cause seat materials to degrade and weaken, such as exposure ...

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Upper Hutt collection site opens standard

An Upper Hutt collection site has now opened at Wallaceville Playcentre at 52 Ward Street, Trentham.  They will be accepting expired or damaged seats Monday to Thursday from 9:30am to 12pm. There is a $10 fee per seat to cover recycling costs. The Playcentre has a strong focus on the environment. Children are encouraged to become kaitiaki (caretakers) of the land and its taonga (treasures/resources) as they do composting, worm-farming, recycling, gardening and water conservation at Playcentre. “We’re delighted to be involved,” said Sasha Johnstone, co-president at the Centre. “It’s a great initiative supporting both recycling and safety – two issues which are really important to the parents here.” SeatSmart started in the Wellington region just 8 weeks ago and ...

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