South Wairarapa residents can still recycle their child cars seats for free.

A recent amnesty allowing South Wairarapa residents who have expired or damaged child car seats to recycle them for free has been extended.

SeatSmart child car seat recycling Programme Manager Toni Bye says funding from the South Wairarapa District Council for the amnesty hasn’t been exhausted yet. “We encourage residents to make use of this opportunity and take their expired or damaged seats to the Featherston Community Centre so they can be recycled,” she says.

The amnesty began in November when the Wairarapa Road Safety Council, South Wairarapa District Council and SeatSmart teamed up ahead of the summer travel season to offer free child car seat recycling.

The community centre, at 14 Wakefield Street, is open weekdays 9am to 3pm.

Seats collected by SeatSmart are dismantled so the metal and plastic can be recycled and the straps repurposed to make things like bags, Toni says. To date, they have collected and recycled over 28,000 seats, equaling around 144,000kg of plastic and metal.